May 30

Tuesday’s Chat

Take a little step back in time with me, I actually wrote this post yesterday (Tuesday) morning but you get to read it now!

I’m a last minute planner… it’s true.  My day today will be spend scrambling around doing last minute errands and crafting last minute details for tomorrow’s completely fabulously glitzy photo shoot.

And as much as I like to plan and have dates and times and itineraries all typed out on my cute stationary, sometimes you just can’t plan for new inspiration (or plan for the fact that your computer won’t turn on, hence why you’re reading this a day late!)  I’m a laying in bed thinker.  I often get epiphanies late at night, thus I keep a notepad on my nightstand – there’s nothing worse than have a great idea and then forgetting it by morning.  That being said, sometimes my design plan can completely change in the middle of the night, or I may have figured out a way to make it even better.  This is why it is so important to trust your vendors!  Sure I drew up a beautiful proposal when we began planning your event, but sometimes I stumble across products and ideas which will make it THAT much better!

So here I am sharing all of this on the day before my big shoot, when I actually need to be crafting, creating and running errands, all because I came up with an amazing element to add while I was out of town enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day at the lake.

Happy Monday… er, Tuesday (actually Wednesday now)!!!  Bring on the coffee, it’s going to be a long but fabulous day!


PS – I can’t wait to share the results with you!  Lot’s of pretty coming soon!!!


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