May 8

Tone It Up :: Week 1

We have been put on this earth to bless others, not to live for ourselves.  And how can be live to our fullest potential if we’re not making our well-being a priority?

I was always a naturally thin person.  I could do minimal workouts and eat healthy less than 50% of the time and still remain thinner than a vast majority of the population.

And then I had babies.

I gained over 50 pounds with each pregnancy and struggled (and am still struggling) to lose the weight. People say, “It’s okay, you’re a mom now.” “Look how amazing your body is, you had two girls. Just learn to love your new body.” “Don’t expect to be that thin again, you have other priorities now.”

I’m struggle with those statements.  My girls are a huge priority and for that reason, my health should be also.  If I’m not healthy and active and being the best version of myself, who’s going to take care of my family?

Even more so, how can we do what we’ve been put on this earth to do?  How can I be a blessing to others and share the good news if I’m unwell, stuck in bed or even in a dark pit of depression where someone with a poor body image might find herself??

In fall of 2016, after seeing a horribly unflattering picture of myself when I was all dressed up and thought I was treating myself “good”, I said enough.  I purchased the Tone It Up nutrition plan and completed their first challenge.  I learned about healthy eating – for real – not just foods that I thought were okay because they’re low fat.  I lost 10 pounds during those first few months and was close to my goal and felt so much better.  My mind was clear and my spirits were lifted.  I had shed the food fog that was often in my brain.  As time has passed, I still somewhat adhere to their guidelines, having good days and bad, and I’m sad to say that as of late, I’ve had more bad that good days.  I am in desperate need to get back to the routine and have recommitted to following a healthy pattern, schedule and working out again.  The Bikini Series started yesterday which I’m so excited about, there’s something extra motivating about the challenge and knowing there’s a whole network of people out there fighting the battle with me.  But this isn’t just about vanity – there’s a bigger mission on hand.  I need to overcome temptation, that’s straight from the devil, not just in the form of a big chocolate brownie.  It’s a temptation to sink back into unhealthy habits, both physically and mentally, and not fulfilling my life and what I was put on this earth to do. Food is made to fuel the body so I can do God’s work, and second is good taste (an eye opening reminder from a friend).  Of course treats are permitted but I need to keep my eye on the goal and my priorities in order.

Tone It Up | Strawberry Shortcake Muffins | Townline Journal

Above are the strawberry shortcake muffins from their new plan.  They’re so good and I can’t wait until Michigan berries are in season, which will make them even better!  I am so excited for the next 8 weeks (and beyond!)


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