Aug 13

The Studio Furniture Dilemma

I fall into this trap when I look at other businesses, the trap of thinking that if they go silent on social media, they aren’t constantly bombarding us with emails and information overload, then they must be stagnant.  They must not be doing anything.  If my friends aren’t posting status updates that not much must be happening in life.  Things are boring.

This is such a ridiculous assumption on my part.  Because I first hand know how completely untrue this is.  When you’re quiet, that’s often when the greatest leaps are being made.  That’s when the busy is happening and so much life is going on around us – we’re soaking in so many sweet moments – that there just isn’t time for a status update.  Our position is growing, it’s golden and definitely worth sharing but I have a desire to keep it all to myself.  Treasure it in my heart.

Basically that was just two paragraphs worth of jumble to say that I’m still here.  I know I have not been active much on Instagram and I haven’t shared a journal update in months but we’re having an amazing summer.  And I’ve been spending my spare moments wisely, escaping to the beach or savoring moments with friends on the front porch.

Lots of work has been happening too.  We’re in the middle of wedding season.  And the studio renovation.  Those two things weren’t necessarily supposed to be happening hand in hand, but the timeline got a little messy and here we are.  I’m flowering around dust and ladders.  This finish line is near though…. So near.

Remember what seemed not so long ago when I shared my last studio space inspiration?  I never even completed it to its fullest potential before we moved.  I reupholstered furniture, bought new things and organized myself – all to just pack it up again.  On a positive note, this studio that I now have is bigger and way better than the last, so upgrading feels good.  But it’s also brought on its own set of challenges and workload.

We’re finally to the pretty part though.  The part where I’ve picked light figures (they’re installed!) found a massive oversized mirror (we’re supposed to get it next week!) and am now picking out the perfect furnishings (because it would have been way too easy if the furniture from my last place would have fit perfectly into my new space – oh well).

This is where my head turns to mush.  I cannot decide what direction to go.  I love country French items, I love shabby and chippy antiques and I love ornate, gold gilded and hand carved pieces. But lately, I’ve been really drawn to the some of the cleaner lines of the mid-century inspired pieces.  I think maybe I want have something bold that might pop in the space but then I crawl back to safety realizing that I get tired of things easy, so perhaps neutral is better because I can easily add a pop of color with a pillow or funky wall paint.  And I’m just not sure that some of the mid-century pieces will stand the test of time in my mind.  I really want something that feel subdued, relaxing and organic and won’t clash with every flower order I get in the space.  See the dilemma?

Here’s the overall color palette that I have in mind.  Mostly soft tones, again because I can’t have colors clashing with flower orders because that just reads confusion in my head when I’m trying to put together a wedding design.

I’ve narrowed it down to basically 3 different options.  The rug, lights and mirrors are all purchased, paid for and staying.  The cabinets are painted the olive, grey/green color in the swatch (Rare Grey) and the walls will remain white (Rare Grey and Silvermist by Sherwin Williams are the studio cabinet & door accent colors – the two square randomly floating in the pictures).  So without further ado, here are my options:

1. Buffalo Check Chairs

Buffalo check always catches my eye.  I found a pair of small chairs at Homegoods and envision pairing them with a classic loveseat.

Buffalo Check Chairs | Chesterfield Love Seat | Maia Coffee Table

pieces I already own: Marble side tables | Rug | Chandeliers | there’s not a shopable link for the mirror but it was purchase at HomeWorks Interiors in Traverse City, Mi

2. Modern Cane Back Chairs

I keep coming back to these chairs.  They’re been in my cart for over a month.  I’m still a little hung up on a chesterfield style sofa with this look, just to balance the moderness of the chairs.  Overall I need chairs that don’t take up too large of a footprint and these might just fit that bill.

Cane Back Chairs | Haiden Chesterfield Loveseat |  Maia Coffee Table 

3. Velvet Settee and French Country Chairs

I’m slightly obsessed with velvet.  I’m not totally sure how practical it is for a floral studio – but this is just the client meeting area, so it should kind of stay somewhat clean.  These chairs, they are completely French Country and hit the mark.  But they’re taller backs than the other so I’m concened they could visually take up too much space.  But I do love them.

Huffington Velvet Settee | McKenna Accent Chair |  Rustic Oak Coffee Table 

4. Modern Velvet Settee

I lied, I have one more idea.  This one is ultra modern and a little out of my comfort zone.  But I love the color and again, it’s velvet.

Seafoam Velvet Settee |  Cane Back Chairs | Maia Coffee Table 


If you need more clarification on the exact look I’m going for – check out The Linen Rabbit on Instagram – her entire feed is so dreamy and perfect, the soft and timeless vibe I want for my life.  Or DeVOL Kitchens.  I know, I’m not decorating a kitchen but I love their use of color without it feeling overwhelming.  Plus that European vibe is perfect.  So imagine either of those spaces, mixed with a little garden shed and buckets of beautiful blooms.  And that my friends is that’s my dream studio space.

Do you have a favorite?  Or would you mix something up with the proposed pieces?

Shoppable links are for your benefit but not actually affiliates, just pieces that I’ve found and loved.


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