Jul 25

The New Brand Conundrum

I’ve been working with Anchor & Ink on a new logo design for a couple months now.  Chelsi oozes talent – her painting, her lettering, it’s all simply fabulous.

I approached her because I don’t feel my current logo, and complete branding/business for that matter, truly represent me.  Now I know I’ve rambled on before about my style, etc. but it’s hard sometimes to dig deep and recognize who you really are and what you really want.  And on top of that, I think who you are evolves over time – a time that might be shorter than you think.

Wedding Planner Business Cards | The Day's Design | Bradley James Photography

I have never been a fan of pink.  I mean it’s cute, fun and at times romantic but it’s never really been my cup of tea.  But for some reason a couple years ago I was crushing on it, hard.  So I have pink business cards and doses of it scattered throughout my website.  Did I deviate from who I am or was there a time where I actually was that person?  I think my old self is starting to creep back and suddenly the only place I want to see pink is in flowers and on my baby girl.  But I’m still very open to working and creating with the color as it seems to keep sneaking into my events.  Blush and gold seems to be every bride’s fantasy and I’m perfectly alright with that.

So where does that leave me?  Well that’s a question I’ve been asking for a while now.  Designing a logo is hard.  I’m a difficult client.  Hmph.

This is my current branding, which I am reevaluating after much much much soul searching.  I’m digging deep to figure out who I am and who I want this business of mine to represent.  But in the end here’s what I’ve discovered when it comes to marketing —  I’d rather go play with flowers!

The Day's Design | Branding | Bradley James Photography

The Day's Design Branding | Bradley James Photography

The Day's Design Marketing Packet  | Bradley James Photography

All pictures by the wonderful Bradley James Photography.

Soon, very soon, I’ll show you what’s in the final works.  I just put my big girls pants on and made a couple of decisions — because it’s the middle of wedding season, what else do I have going on right now???



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