Apr 22

The Day’s Business: Rest & Relaxation

A little rest and relaxation is good for the soul.  This past weekend I did just that, I took a little step away from my Grand Rapids world and headed Up North.

I had planned on using this time to get some work done that I’ve been putting off.  I thought I could spend some quiet time in front of my computer (yuck) but away from my phone/email (yay!), because phone service is lacking and my internet rarely loads.  I aimed to slip away from social media and reconnect with my own ideas.

However, life keeps moving forward and in the name of progress, my internet actually worked on this visit!  And it wasn’t even snail speed, loading times were actually semi decent.  Bummer!

While this may benefit the residents of the area, it meant I had to be more disciplined about my relaxation methods.  I actually like taking an old fashioned approach to getting things done.  While technology has its place, I really prefer doing some things in a less technological way.  I visited with family, had real live face-to-face conversations, channeling back on the texting.  I read a home décor magazine, not a blog.  Then I wrote some ideas down on paper, in my own handwriting on a notebook that I shared with my niece – complete with scribbles of red crayon.

I did not make anything pretty this weekend.  I did not craft or create.  I did not type anything, worrying about fancy fonts and lovely pictures.  I did not even make sure that my hand writing looked nice… I just scrawled my ideas down in semi illegible penmanship!

Well this is all great… but what does it have to do with The Day’s Design, or wedding planning or love and why are you writing about this on your business blog??? (It’s okay, I know that’s what you’re thinking!)   Here’s how it relates:

To Business:

I’m back to business.  I was able to clear my head and stop thinking about what everyone else is doing via Facebook, Twitter and wedding blogs, and truly just focus on my own business model and what I want to achieve.  I focused on what makes me special.  Stop comparing yourself to others and do your own thing.  Forget the “industry standards” and just go for it!

To Brides (and her hansom Groom):

Feeling a little overwhelmed in the planning process?  We’ve all been there. I’ve said this before, but here it goes again – step back for a bit.  Regroup.  Remember why you’re planning a wedding day.  Stop looking at the Pinterest boards and focusing on wedding trends and what your friends say and doing.  Put the wedding day back into perspective and focus on your love for one another.  Instead of looking for uber creative ideas on place card displays, focus on details that really make you happy.  What truly represents you as a couple?  Remember that your love is what make the wedding day unique.  There will always be other brides using the same ideas as you, dreaming up the same details (you just were not aware of it before all of this technology and the lovely World Wide Web).  Your bond as husband and wife is truly the most unique part of the wedding day.

To All Others:

Because not everyone reading this is getting married.  Maybe you are already married.  Reconnect with your husband.  Have dinner together.  Dedicate one night a week to be phone/internet free and just enjoy each other’s company.  Spend some quiet time accessing your life goals and creating your own vision.  It is amazing where your own imagination can take you.  Read a good book. Listen to the birds chirp.  Sit outside and close your eyes for a moment.  Just. Pause.

Aqua Vintage Typewriter

I think there’s a reason we like incorporated vintage items into our décor so much.  And it’s not just high style.  But it reminds us of a much simpler time.  I look at an old piece of furniture and think of the stories it could tell.  When we share memories and look at sentimental photos of smiling faces, usually they’re full of simple pleasures.  Simple moments when we stepped back and let go.


PS – I stumbled across this aqua typewriter at an estate sale and just had to have it!  It’s it super cute?!  The case is even printed with daisies on it… sigh…


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