Sep 24

That’s a Wrap… almost

I have had a delightfully busy wedding season and have just one more gorgeous fête on the 2014 calendar.  Each celebration was so special and unique and I am so honored that so many brides have entrusted me to be a part of their special day.  However, I did something during this wedding season which I said I would never do, and I paid the price.

August was a grand slam of a month.  When I started my business I promised myself I would limit the number of weddings I took on in any particular month or I might lose my mind.  I did not heed my own warning and in the middle of my busiest month – where I not only booked too many brides but also booked two weddings in one week – my grandpa passed away.  In an 8 day stretch I had 3 weddings a funeral, 2 trips to Traverse City and I was an emotional wreck.

Moving forward I realized I will endure and how much I can endure, even though I’m still catching my breath.   I thought being too busy with weddings was a reality I wouldn’t have face for years to come.  It really is an answer to prayer, even if in the craziness of the moment I began questioning every career decision I’ve ever made!  So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to I really can’t wait to share.  Unfortunately I’ll have to keep you on the edge of your seats a bit longer as I wait for more photos to arrive. However, I will get back to blogging because there are a lot of ideas in this head of mine I just haven’t been able to write about just yet.

And obviously I have to reveal at least a glimpse of one of my happy couples – this bride was too beautiful for words (and carrying a bouquet created by yours truly).

Real Weddings | The Day's Design | Bisell Tree House

Photo courtesy of  Joe Matthews



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