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Coming here to write has been a little bit of a struggle.  With all the things happening in the world, chatting about flowers seems a little frivilous.  I mean, they’re just flowers… At the end of last week I watched videos of some of the California wholesalers having to dump product because their doors are […]

5 Flowers for the Month of March

Mar 24


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I didn’t have maternity photos taken when I was pregnant with Gretta, and I’m not sure if I completely regret that but do know that there’s a missing piece of documentation in my life.  I will never have that visual memory.  I’ve never thought of myself as very photogenic so I just didn’t entertain the […]

A Winter Maternity Session

Mar 6

Life Adventures

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Vintage finds inspire me.  One of my favorites is mercury glass.  It can be mixed in with so many decor styles and is super glamorous.  I read quite often about people finding great pieces at flea markets and other antique sources.  However, I have never been lucky enough to find a thrifty piece at one […]

DIY Mercury Glass

Mar 8

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