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Peach Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design

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So many of my posts here are born out of a rant.  Things that drive me crazy with weddings, décor or the world.  This one is no exception.  Because there is something graceful and romantic about the way flowers should linger in a bride’s arms.  They should be held gingerly and with love. They are […]

How to Carry a Bridal Bouquet

Jul 18


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Dahlia Bouquet | The Day's Design | Cory Weber Photography

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I love a loose, asymmetrical, garden style and sometimes even unruly, bouquet.  Letting flowers be unbound and fanciful makes me ridiculously happy.  Yes, I believe that there’s a time and place for structure but for the most part, I’d rather live my life wild and free which is how I want my flowers living theirs […]

4 Things You Need to Know about the Whimsical Wedding Bouquet

Sep 13


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