Jun 15

Spring Citrus Tabletop

Springtime citrus.  That’s what comes to mind when I see this cheery combination of blooms.  I put together this centerpiece composed of a few leftover flowers I had laying around and they just felt like sherbert and sunshine.  I wished I had grapefruit to add to the table or some kumquats and a tangerine, but I think these flowers still seemed to shine all on their own.

Citrus Colored Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

To ground the bold colors, I added these earthy green stoneware plates and a simple ivory textured runner.  I pulled out my grandma’s vintage silverware and added some sleek and simple wine glasses.  When you want to the flowers to be the focus, keep the other details simple.  And I almost always want to focus on the flowers.

Spring Centerpiece Ideas | TownLine JournalSpring Centerpiece Ideas | TownLine JournalSpring Centerpiece Ideas | TownLine JournalStoneware Dinner Plates | TownLine JournalRanunculus Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

I love the delicate springtime blossoms foraged from my yard with the quirky twisting necks of the ranunculus.  And real life behind the scenese means that Smelly loved these flowers too and thought she should certainly be the center of attention.

Ranunculus Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

Happy Friday!!


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