Nov 13

Ribbons :: A Graceful Extension of Design

Bouquet Ribbons | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

Photo by Hetler Photography

Yesterday I posted a little tidbit on my Facebook page about my love for ribbons.  When it comes to ribbon on a bouquet for me it’s simple (kind of), the more the merrier and the longer the better.  I spend just as much time picking the perfect accent colors, textures and styles for the ribbons as I do picking the blooms themselves.  The process might seem pretty straight forward, and maybe I’m just an over thinker (scratch that – I know I’m an over thinker) but it’s really important to me that the ribbons adorning your bouquet are perfect.

You may be wondering what there is to consider, I mean your wedding colors are pink and black so the blooms are pink the ribbon should be black. Simple enough, right?  That’s one possibility, definitely one that would add lots of drama.  But let’s think beyond just the color palette.

I like to consider what the bouquets will be photographed against.  If the bridesmaids are wearing black dresses, you’ll never see the black ribbon up against them.  On the contrary, black against the bride’s dress would certainly make a huge statement and will not be missed. When they’re not being held, where might the photographer place them?  Are there pretty wood floors or upholstered chairs in the bridal suite, I certainly wouldn’t want my ribbons to clash.  Will they be outside against the grass or against a tree… what might the photographer be thinking?

I also think about the overall feel or theme of the wedding.  I like to imagine what the ribbon will look like in conjunction with all the other décor elements.  If you’re using beautiful hand-dyed silk table runners, plain grosgrain ribbon simply won’t do.  Satin is classic, silk is flowy and graceful and suede is an earthy, more natural chose.

Ribbons are so beautiful blowing in the wind so if it’s an outdoor wedding (or if there’s the possibility of lots of outdoor pictures being taken) I always use lightweight ribbons that will look so carefree and elegant if the breeze should catch them.  You know those gorgeous flowing veil shots that make us all swoon?  Well my heart gets just as happy when I see the ribbons in motion with the wind.

Odd numbers are visually pleasing and since I can rarely decide on just one, most of my bouquets have at least 3 ribbons draping down.  Sometimes I aim to combine the styles of the décor, and sometimes I focus more on extending the color palette with a cascading trail of fabric.

Personal touches such as family heirlooms, meaningful trinkets or Grandma’s handkerchief are always sweet touches and make your bouquet extra special and unique. I believe every bride should love her bouquet more than any other piece of the wedding décor, it really does become an extension of you, an expression of your personal style and stays by your side for most of the day.



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