Jan 31

Our Master Bedroom Retreat

The onset of slightly slower winter months means we’re finally getting around to a few home projects that have been pushed to the backburner since we moved in.  While the list will inevitably go on forever and ever, I’m glad to say that we’re finally seeing signs of progress in our master bedroom.

I shared a couple quick behind the scenes in my Instagram stories over the weekend but I think I should probably explain exactly what this project entails – it goes a bit beyond a new comforter and a little paint.  We moved into a three bedroom house, which is seemingly pretty perfect for a family our size.  However, one of the bedrooms is in our basement, which I’m not totally thrilled about.  Now it’s a really nice, finished basement and not a concrete, creepy space like so many others I’ve toured.  But just the same, it separates our family and functionally just doesn’t work for us.

Sometime during our home’s 70 years of life, an addition was added to the backside.  It’s sort of a sunroom/bonus room, with tons of windows and great light.  It overlooks our beautiful back yard and has a ton of potential.  But the long of the short is, it’s a really long long awkward room that I’ve never really found a purpose for.  Until now.

We moved our bed into this gigantic room last spring, just to test out my hypothesis – which was that it would make an amazing bedroom.  I finally got my husband on board and all we need to do was add in a wall to give the space some definition and that would also provide a place for a closet.  After nine months of throwing my clothing on the floor, I am excited to say that I finally have a framed closet and a bedroom with a door.

And as another bonus, my husband also finally gave into my pleas to hang a chandelier over the bed, he bought me the most amazing gold and crystal chandelier for my birthday earlier this month and it just got installed this weekend as well.  I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves, add a little paint to the dismal brown shade and have the most perfectly serene master bedroom that I’ve always dreamed of.

Antique Chandelier | Master Bedroom Makeover | The Day's Design

Fingers crossed I’ll have final results to share soon, but until then, here’s a glimpse at my Pinterest board which is full of my bedroom inspirations.


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