Aug 26

One Year Ago

It was about this time last year that The Day’s Design became an “official” business (paperwork filed, DBA, tax IDs and all that un-fun stuff put in order).  I was almost seven months pregnant and waiting to be called back into work after a short and temporary summer lay-off.  Around this time I had high hopes and dreams about what this summer would bring, bustling around with numerous brides, designing away and getting ready to wrap up wedding season, all with my perfect little baby girl by my side.

Yup, life was to be just about perfect.  My basement studio space would be shabby chic fabulousness and provide lots of space and organization.  I would have the best of both worlds being able to work from home and not have to send Gretta to day care – not missing a single moment of her life.  We could spend time playing together in the mornings and I’d stay busy crafting and creating while she peaceful slept each naptime.

Now we’ll fast forward to today.  That studio space doesn’t even exist.  Instead my basement looks like a moving truck full of décor exploded, with vases, tulle and supplies scattered in every direction, creating an obstacle course for me to maneuver through each time I need a new supply.  My office has been relocated to the living room for convenience purposes and is haphazardly organized and accessorized by a baby gate.  Miss Gretta is crawling nonstop, hardly allowing me to sit down and scribble down an idea or blog post, much less all the other pieces of owning a business I need to work on.  Despite it all, this summer has been amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

But it does leave me wondering, why didn’t anyone point out to me how crazy I was starting a business now???  Shouldn’t my mother have told me I was getting in over my head? (Moms are supposed to warn you about stuff, right?) It probably wouldn’t have mattered much anyway, I was and still am super determined to make this work.  It does work, just not in the same way that I had envisioned.  But on that note, I have every intention to take the rest of this week off, savoring what little sliver of summer we have left organizing life before the onset of fall, and even sneaking up north for a couple days too!

So loves, have a great week and a happy Labor Day!  I’ll talk to you next week!!

Fall Wedding Idea

And also last year around this time I was busy designing my first photo shoot with Unikke Photography, as I prepared to launch my website.  This is just one of the images we created together 🙂



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