Oct 11

My Sock Bun Hits the Ceiling!!

I rarely wear my hair up.  And if I do it’s one of those super-messy, spur-of-the-moment, I-HAVE-to-get-my-hair-off-my-neck situations.  I have this really weird thing about my neck and showing off my ears, anyway, so NOT the point of this post (I’m just quirky and don’t like my hair up – enough said).

In addition to being the pre-wedding coordinator and event designer for my sister’s wedding, I have the added bonus of also being the maid of honor.  I am so super excited about this and about her, and it is truly an honor to be a part of her dream day in such a big way.  It is also my duty as a bridesmaid to be an awesome MOH and realize that it’s her day, and things will be done her way.  Perfect.

But she thinks she wants the girls to wear their hair up.  So as a good older sister and bridesmaid I’ve begun experimenting with how I can wear my hair up and keep both of us happy.  The ever so popular sock bun has come into play.  I love the look of a giant, sophisticated and neat bun.  I would still get big hair, but it wouldn’t be messy. Yes, I thought this might be the perfect solution.

I rocked it for a couple days.  And then I got in my car.

Now, I’m not going to go off on a tangent about how cars were clearly designed by bald men who have no appreciation of a greatly teased head of hair. However, the frustration of having to lean my seat back and slouch while driving is great.  It might even be classified as a safety risk.  But of course as a female, I tend to put beauty before safety, oops.

When I drive my Tahoe, it’s not an issue.  I have since told my husband that I will no longer be driving the car.  He rolled his eyes and switched keys.

What I am wondering is, how are you brides with fabulous up-dos being transported to your ceremony location or who’s driving you home from the salon?  Are you going to have to be crammed in a car or do you have a luxurious SUV of some sort?  Or perhaps your stylist is coming to you (which I highly recommend).  Am I just being crazy??  Maybe others don’t really have this concern…  Maybe I just like my hair too big!!

Sock Bun DIY

The above image is from here.  And you’ll also learn how to achieve this look yourself!!

Just the thoughts going through my head on the beautiful Friday morning!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Velma Cross says:

    I used to wear a bun in the younger days but I really like the up sweep with curls better. you can have some curls hang over the ears too. Love ya

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