Dec 28

Merry Christmas

My Facebook page informed me that it has been 8 days since I’ve posted anything “your audience wants to hear from you!!” Ha.  I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seatings wondering what’s happening over here!  Actually, I feel as though I just dissolved into the magic of the holidays, celebrating family and togetherness in its entire splendor.  Nope, no “Happy Holidays” message from The Day’s Design.  Sorry, social media just didn’t find its way into my merriness!

However, that doesn’t mean that good wishes into the New Year aren’t bestowed upon you.  It also doesn’t mean I didn’t wish you a Merry Christmas.

Sadly, someone I know who did post something on social media about her Christmas and it’s true meaning found herself the victim of criticism and hurtful backlash – which boiled down to calling her a hypocrite because she put Christ at the center of Christmas but also loved receiving lots of Christmas presents.

To that I would say this – everyone is entitled to their own version of what Christmas represents.  I love giving presents and yes, I like to receive them too.  I love to shop and find the perfect gift.  I love the ribbons and the bows.  Fires, hot cocoa, the smell of evergreen and the twinkle of lights warm my heart.  But most of all, Christ is at the center of my Christmas.  He is the reason that I celebrate.  Without Him, I can see no purpose for joy, hope or merriment.  The future is dark and there’s no reason to think that there are better things to come.

There are many views regarding the meaning of Christmas.  The reason for my season though, is gratitude.  I have a heart of thanksgiving, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year, celebrating all that God has done, provided and given me.  Christmas is just that additional opportunity to spread that cheer.

Merry Christas | The Day's Design | Grand Rapids wedding planner | Hetler Photography

So even though I’m three days late, know that my heart was with you, wishing all the very merriest of Christmases and a wonderful New Year!!

From our family to yours !! Picture by my dear friends at Hetler Photography



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