Jul 18

Making It Work

Gold, Aqua and Pink bouquet | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

I’ve been working on several design plans lately.  I love it when a bride comes to me full of the most perfect ideas you could ever imagine.  Everything from the wedding party attire to the venue to the cutest wedding party favors all match and flow seamlessly, making her a dream to work with and my job rather simple.  Then there’s the bride who has a couple ideas, but really needs me to help get the creative juices flowing.  That’s why you hire me – because I’m pretty creative.  When you can feel her excitement from across the planning table I know I’m doing my job and the excitement I feel is beyond words.

However sometimes it doesn’t end there.  Sometimes she continues planning and things go astray.  And then there’s the situation that the planning that has already been put into motion really isn’t the direction that you think the event should take and she just can’t see how you’re trying to eat pizza and oranges together in the same meal.

This is where the challenge begins.  This is where I have to remind myself that there’s a reason that she hired me.  She hired me to make it all work, to make it come together and make it beautiful.  I have to find a way to bridge that gap and bring her dream to life.

The problem is we’re so overwhelmed with images and ideas – Pinterest, wedding blogs and various other sources – that we just want it all.  And we want it to be amazing, budget friendly and stress free (I mean, you might as well, we’re already living in a fantasy).

Have you ever considered hiring a designer just to unjumble your brain?  They can help you focus on your priorities and come up with a plan that is truly you and not what every other Pinterest bride is doing.  Maybe mason jars (although sometimes inexpensive), might not be the right “thrifty route” for you.  Psst… I have some other fun ideas that are just as cheap, err… cost effective.  Talking to an expert – whether it’s a wedding planner, florist, designer etc. before committing to designs and ideas is always a great idea. Who knows, they might have a more inventive, charming or creative idea or perhaps you were on the right path all along.  And maybe we can just find a way to make it all work.

Some happy flowers from myself and Ashley Slater Photography for your Friday… Happy Weekend!!


PS – This is not pointed at one of my brides specifically, just general information and thoughts I’ve had based on life and conversations & I love a design challenge xo


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