Jan 14

Little Sister Getting Married {To Be Continued}

I have fairly openly blogged about my little sister’s wedding, a little more-so than with other brides and projects I’m working on.  Her wedding has truly been a labor of love with lots of gorgeous details in the works.  There’s also been a lot of anticipation for this event; I hear buzz from wedding guests, other vendors and friends alike.  “You’re going to blog the results, right???” I can’t even count the number of times those words have been said.

But the piece of the wedding that makes the day so beautiful is the love, commitment and the person you have waiting for you at the end of the aisle.  And sometimes throughout the planning process another truth is presented.  Sometimes you realize that your family is perfect just the way it is.

Mother and Daughter family photos

Photo by Bradley James Photography

While its human nature to long for companionship, I truly believe the best relationships might be the ones that are right in front of you – your family, your best friend, your beautiful little girl.  Your {future} spouse may not necessarily make your life complete.

My little sister is completely heartbroken after making the tough decision to call off her wedding, which was supposed to have taken place past weekend.  It’s a brave and bold choice to make.  But I fully support her decision and know from the bottom of my heart that she will triumph over this.

I originally thought that this would be the final post in the “Little Sister Getting Married” series, however I have rethought this.  It’s just To Be Continued, a little stalling period to keep the audience in suspense.  I have no doubt that the best in her life is yet to come.



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