Jul 3

Little Sister Getting Married!! {The Venue Search}

When you’re not the one getting married, it’s often very easy to judge how you would do things differently or how you might think a couple is going about the planning process all wrong.  First off, let me just say that no two weddings are exactly alike.  There are so many more feelings and emotions that go into a wedding, beyond venue choices, timelines and entrees.

My little sister is getting married (yay!) and as a good older sister who just happens to be a wedding planner, I’m helping her plan her wedding.  So here’s the truth, I have a hundred thousand gorgeous ideas swimming around in my head just based on the very few descriptive words she’s provided me with about her dream day.  From those hundred thousand gorgeous ideas, I have to narrow it down (with her help of course) to the ones that truly represent her and her relationship, and will also fit within her budget without having the sacrifice the sanity of those around her and without stepping on toes and tell Mom to back off (sorry Mom if you’re reading this!)  That’s a lot to handle.  She truly might be one of my most difficult clients because there is so much extra emotion there.  My sister deserves the absolute very best.

As we’ve began this journey together, a mere 3 ½ weeks since he proposed, my sister is finding herself shoulders deep in venue research and trying to secure the perfect location, time and date.  So going back to judging other people’s process, that’s exactly what I’m trying not to do.  It’s easy for me to say “if I were getting married I’d do this…” or pick out the most gorgeous venue ever, when in fact I’m not the one footing the bill.  So as a wedding planner, I have to put myself into my client’s shoes, and remember to treat her as a client, and not just as my little sister that I can boss around.

So here’s what you should really ask as you’re trying to settle on a wedding location:

  1. What is the overall feel or mood I’d like to set for my wedding?
  2. Do I want the ceremony and reception in the same location?
  3. What is the most important thing about venue to me?  Aesthetics? Price? Functionality?
  4. How will this venue affect my décor budget?  A really awesome space can sometime eliminate the need for lots of extra flowers and fluff, whereas a less attractive area may need some extra design help.
  5. Who provides the catering?  Am I limited to certain caterers or is in-house catering the only option?  Then consider their prices.
  6. What is the lighting like, especially during the time of day you are planning your event?  Will it lend to the type of pictures and mood you’d like to have in these keepsakes?

Choosing a venue can be a lot like buying a home. I was house shopping with my parents recently and the realtor said when you find the right house, it will speak to you.  Does the space speak to you?  Are you going to want pictures of this space years from now?

And in case you don’t follow along on Instagram, here is one of the fabulous spaces that we’ve had the opportunity to tour!!

The Durant, Flint Michigan

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!



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