Aug 15

Justine & Devin :: The Inspiration

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an inspiration board on here.  It’s not because I haven’t been creating them, because I certainly have.  They’re an amazing tool to help keep your planning on track.  Sometimes the process of wedding planning can become so overwhelming and there are so many ideas out there, and directions that decor and styles can take and after a year or more of preparation for your big day, the final results can deviate so much for where you orginally wanted to be – this can be either really good or bad.  I like to think of these as modern magazine clippings all compiled onto a one page summary of your day.

Durant Ballroom Wedding | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

On the other hand, Justine and Devin were engaged in May and wed in August (you can see their super romantic proposal story here).  It was quick, and there was very little room for debating all the various design options.  So we created a mood board to help set the stage and made sure that everything stayed on track with the initial concept.  If something felt out of place with this “summary” their wedding day, then it was vetod and we moved on.

There’s a beautiful ballroom in downtown Flint that would play host to the day.  It has thick white trim, orginal early 1900s grey and white tiled floors, marble accents and gold chairs.  This was our canvas for creating.  The next layer of design was the bride’s desire to add dusty blue touches and glittering sequin bridesmaids gowns.  Elegant and glamorous where key discriptive words, and since she’s my sister I know her sense of style pretty well, which meant I also knew we needed to add in some frills and girly charms.

This is the condensed version of our design, as the actual design plan went on for 5 pages detailing every aspect of their glittering wedding day.  There was much focus on flowers and end results were too good for words and I’ll be sharing the entire day soon.

Dusty Blue and Gold | Wedding Inspiration Board | The Day's Design

Image sources (top to bottom, left to right): Photography: Heather Payne Photography, Bouquet: Philosophy Flowers via Team Flower Instagram |   Quicksand Roses | White Majolika Roses | Gold Chiavari Chair | Helga Piaget Roses via Peterkort Roses | Photography: Heather Payne Photography, Floral Design: Philosophy Flowers via Team Flower Instagram | Minted Invitations | Faith Roses | via ModWedding

You can also see an expanded Pinterest board that helped inspire their celebration here.  The results of their beautiful wedding are coming soon!



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