Feb 17

Invest in Yourself

As a business owner, I think one of the biggest hurdles that I struggle with is knowing when to invest in myself.  If something breaks, it’s easy to know that it needs to be repaired or replaced.  But if something isn’t necessarily broken, then we tend to leave well enough alone.

So when do you decide that you need some improvement?

I decided to set personal goals of enrichment.  I refuse to become stagnant in my craft.  And while I remain somewhat flexible in these goals, I’m determined to stick to them, otherwise I could easily go 5 years without updating procedures and technology, website galleries or furthering my education – after all, my business is profitable without such changes.

But if I look back over the past 5 years, I’m hardly the same person that I was then.  There have been so many personal changes and growth and we should take the time to reflect on that.  I can even say I’ve grown immensely- both in business and personal life –  in the past year and it’s just paved the road to the future.

On this note, I’ve determined that it time for a website upgrade.  There’s nothing wrong with my old one, but the comments and feedback I received from it weren’t necessary a reflection of who I wanted to be.  I’m excited to move forward, pressing deeper into 2015 and the really amazing wedding season that is ahead, as well as show off some of the awesomeness that took place in 2014.  I’m excited to share my style and get to know you even better.  So hop on over to the new website, the blog will receive it’s facelift soon as well, but I believe in baby steps and I don’t have to conquer the whole world today.

The Day's Design | Website Preview



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