May 13

Inspiring a Brand

I want a brand inspired by the beautiful things that surround me every day.  I love natural elements and think that nature provides the best color palettes.  But it’s not just nature that surrounds me, its family, love, my home and those who I hold dear.

I love walking into a venue or space and feeling completely overwhelmed with its beauty – it can be a bank, a ballroom or a walk in the park.  Inspiration is everywhere.  I have an extremely hard time defining my style because I love it all!  And personal details make my heart go pitter patter.

I was asked to pick 3 words to either describe my brand or how I’d like my brand to be perceived.  However, this has truly proven to be a difficult task.  I adore garden inspired parties with relaxed blooms and casual elegance.  But black tie affairs with lush gowns and overflowing florals get me pretty geeked as well.  And if you want to talk unique venues in urban spaces or lofty environments, well I can dive right into that conversation too!  Modern, retro, vintage, woodsy & natural and yet classic?  I can’t pick!

I do however, have some design staples or rules that seem to always apply to my events.

Include a natural element.  Even super modern and clean events should include something from nature, just to soften and add some realness to the space and prevent it from feeling too stark.  Some examples might be natural wood, leafy greens or even flowers.  Burlap, bamboo and other natural fibers are also great choices.

A touch of black will add depth to the space.  While not everything in my portfolio has something black in it, I do think this a good rule of thumb to remember.  It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as simple as the writing on your menus, but just that slight touch will add a little edginess to the overall design.

A girl can never have too much sparkle.  Or maybe you can – sometimes less truly is more.  But either way, I like to incorporate something shiny into all of my designs, I just can’t help myself!  I think the contrast sequins or glitter provide against a raw and natural birch bark is amazing!  And glitz kind of makes me weak at the knees!  Isn’t this why we adore chandeliers hanging in trees so much??

And I’m a little bit fancy.  I don’t really care much for mundane and ordinary things.  So I add a pop of fancy and unexpected.  While I definitely love my tattered and torn blue jeans, collection of heels is pretty rocking too.  The two combined just make me saw “wow”.

The Day's Design | Branding Inspiration | Bradley James Photography

Remember this shoot I put together last summer with Bradley James Photography?  I tried to capture all of the above and while my style is in constant evolution, I think this does a pretty great job of telling my story.



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