Jan 5

Hugs & Cheers for the New Year

Happy New Year | The Day's Design | Eliza Jean Photography

Photography: Eliza Jean Photography

I like to start January off on a positive note.  It’s a new and fresh year full of possibilities.  But today my heart is heavy and optimism is eluding me as another member of my family went to their eternal home yesterday.  It seems the past few Januaries have been challenging, to say the least.  Perhaps it’s the Lord’s way of testing me and letting me know it can only go up from here?  I don’t really know.

I’ve read numerous year end recaps across Facebook, Instagram and on other blogs.   While a couple here and there might make a slight mention of trials in 2014, most of them are extremely positive and almost overly enthusiastic about how great the year was.  I almost feel like no one is really real with themselves or perhaps those people just chose not to speak out.

It’s important to know that life is full of complications, sadness and heartbreak.  We don’t always choose to share these personal moments of defeat, as it’s so much easier to share the sunshine and celebration than the gloom. Sometimes it’s hard to see the engagement announcements, the shiny new Christmas toys and all the positive wishes for 2015.  But if you too are starting the year on a negative note, it’s okay, you’re not alone regardless of what social media might be telling you.  We’ll find your time of celebration together.

Hugs and Cheers into the New Year!



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