Apr 8

Friday Flowers

I put a ton of emphasis into selecting the right flowers for each and every event.  I give my brides a few visuals and ideas of what varieties I plan on using, but in the end, plans change.  Sometimes I get inspired by something else.  Sometimes the color, size or movement is just off in the bloom that I choose.  And sometimes I kill flowers.  Yes, it happens.

I love to take the time to focus on each and every bloom that passes through my hand.  But when it’s wedding crunch time, I have to admit that often the focus is more on just getting it done rather than making it perfect.  It’s for that reason that I make the most visual pieces first.  And I do like to save the pieces that I’m most excited for until the end, this way I ensure I will stay excited throughout the entire creation process rather than becoming too weary of flowers.  However, I’m very cautious about this approach.

I think it would be really neat to be able to tell the bride the story behind each and every blossom.  Yet anyone who’s been a part of a wedding knows that this is completely unrealistic, the bride clearly has other things on her mind that day – even if I do not.

So I quickly hand off the bouquet, finish my delivery and then start plotting out my next event.

But I had an idea.  I could share the stories here.  I could tell where the flowers traveled from, how certain varieties came to be in my hands and some of the thought process that went into the selection.  It would be an open and honest discussion of my flower journey.  You’d know of my ordering mishaps and maybe even a couple wasteful tales.  But I think in the end it would be fun to reflect back and maybe even I would grasp a deeper understanding of myself and how I work through the creative process.

Peony & Pinecone floral recipe | The Day's Design | Katie Grace Photography

Photography: Katie Grace Photography & Videography

As much as I love local flowers and talk about a lot the advantages of American grown blooms, it’s pretty amazing to think that some of your flowers have traveled half way across the world.  A single bouquet could easily represent a number on continents and I’d like to start tracking that.  It’s like philosophy, geography and flowers (I think they call that horticulture?) all in one little post.

And because most Fridays I either have flowers in my hands or wish that I did, this will be my version of Friday Flowers.  More next Friday 😉

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  1. Crissie says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE this idea! Can’t wait for all the stories 🙂

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