Nov 4

Friday Flowers :: Olivia’s Burgundy & Blush Summer Bouquet

Olivia’s bouquet was to be completed after what had already been a full week of flowering.  It was an unbearably hot day in the middle of July and I was feeling the burn – quite literally.  I don’t like leaving such an important piece until the end of the day but unfortunately in this instance, I had no choice. Flowers are such a perishable items and these needed to be in their prime.

Burgundy & Blush Bridal Bouquet | The Day's Design | Bethany Small Photography

I’m guessing it was about midnight when I finally gave up.  Try as I may, I couldn’t make the flowers flow right, there was something missing and I simply wasn’t satisfied with the results.  I had the most beautiful burgundy charm peonies, some stunning red spray roses, burgundy scabiosa and some Talea roses in the palest shade of peach.

It just wasn’t enough.  It felt lackluster and boring.  Olivia had gushed over Good Seed Floral of Oregon and their gorgeous design work and mine was failing dreadfully in comparison.  While I never try to replicate another artist’s work, I knew my results would never do.  Her bouquet needed to be a piece of art marrying burgundy and blush shades in perfect harmony while capturing the essence of Northern Michigan and the pristine beach where she would be wed.

In situations like these, I do what any good florist would do – I take a trip to the hardware store.  I fell in love with one bendy stem of speckled foxglove.  I grabbed some coleus, yarrow and chocolate poke weed.  And then some lacy, red, unidentified annuals off of the clearance rack.

Burgundy & Blush Bouquet Recipe | The Day's Design | Bethany Small Photography

Photography: Bethany Small Photography

These were the magic missing ingredients.  Her bouquet few together in mere minutes of time and was one of my very favorites this season.

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