Jul 14

Friday Flowers :: Flowers on Film

I haven’t arranged wedding flowers in nearly 6 weeks.  After the initial exhaustion of a long, yet exhilarating wedding day wears off, the itch almost immediately comes back to create something new.  I start dreaming of better combinations, new shapes, unique color palettes and ways to incorporate what’s naturally found in my world.

After my last wedding, I had some of the most glorious peonies left in my possession.  These beauties were nearly the size of my head and I couldn’t bear to see them go on living without being captured.  I would love to photograph all the lovely things I see around me, but my camera skills are surely lacking.  Thankfully, Emily Jane Photography came to the rescue to preserve this moment in the summer when leftovers found love again, paired with local treasures and an antique glass bowl.

Peony and Iris Centerpiece | The Day's Design | Emily Jane Photography

The recipe may have started with these beautiful white ruffles, but I couldn’t resist the bold iris that were standing tall in my yard.  Their muted plum and yellow tones sang to me.  I suppose they must have been growing there last summer as well, but for some reason I didn’t notice them.  This year they were all I could think about.

From there, I added some cappuccino ranunculas that I had hanging out in my cooler.  Their dark centers and plum rims were the perfect connector.  Also sourced from my yard was a few branches of mock orange.  If you could smell this post, then you’d understand why I love adding these delicate little blooms into as many arrangements as possible.  A couple small pink and yellow columbine made their way into this piece and then I finished it with a few roadside weeds, in shades of soft lavender and a pop of yellow.

I don’t know where the ranunculas came from, but other than those mystery blooms, this arrangement was completely American grown.  Peonies from the west coast and everything else was Michigan made.  My favorite kind of recipe.

Purple Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Emily Jane Photography

Peony Centerpiece | The Day's Design | Emily Jane Photography

Peony Centerpiece | The Day's Design | Emily Jane Photography

Local Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Emily Jane Photography

Photography: Emily Jane Photography

Happy Friday!






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