May 14

Friday Flowers :: Airemiss’s Flower Crown

White Flower Crown | Flower Crown Recipe | The Day's Design | Kelly Sweet Photography

Photography: Kelly Sweet Photography

Yes, I am a day late in this post.  However, we can pretend it’s still Friday, I only got 2 hours of sleep last night so it feels like one continuous day and we’re going to stretch the rules of this Friday Flowers post.  It’s wedding season, it all blurs together anyway.

I’m pulling this one out of the archives because even though it’s nearly 2 years old, it’s still one of my favorite weddings.  There were nine people who celebrated in the misty rain, in the middle of the woods.  It was pretty romantic location as far as wedding ceremonies go.

I designed a really awesome tabletop and some beautiful florals throughout the decor, but one of my favorite pieces was Airemiss’s flower crown.  It was so simple and yet it’s still one of my favorite crowns that I’ve ever made.

Her favorite flower is a white rose.  That is what she requested her bouquet be made of but she wanted it assembled in a way that made it feel like it could have been just gathered and tied together right there in the woods.  White roses don’t exactly grow wild in Michigan’s woodland settings, but I think we managed to capture that essence quite well.

When it comes to creating a flower crown, I think about 4 main things.

  1. The environment which it will be worn in.  Should it be clean and chic like a city setting or contain tidbits from the surrounding fields?
  2. The outfit it will be worn with.  Obviously I don’t want colors to clash and then again should it be polished and chic or more boho and carefree?  Romantic, whimsical – what’s the overall feel of the attire?
  3. The hairstyle it will be worn with.  Will it partially be tucked into a bun?  Should it be worn to one side?  Long hair? Short hair? Do we want the blooms or the hair to show more?
  4. Other flowers in the scene.  This would mostly pertain to a bouquet or other fashion accessory but could also think about the environment, if you’re in an apple orchard, I’m probably going to try to include a few of those dainty pink blossoms.  But even more importantly I do strive to make sure it looks amazing paired with your bridal bouquet.  The two definitely need to pair well together.

So taking those 4 points into consideration, this halo of flowers was born.  It was to be worn in the woods, so a little wild would be alright.  It would be worn with a white Vera Wang wedding dress, which had white roses trailing up the front.  Those parts were pretty straight forward.  Next I had to consider the bride’s sweet little pixie cut.  I couldn’t place an enormous flower on her head that would completely take over.  I felt like she needed more of a headband of blooms, bold and stylish but not overwhelming.  Finally, it had to match her white rose bouquet.

The main ingredient I chose was white majolica spray roses.  These sprays are one of my go-to’s that I use time and time again.  They’re like a safety net for me.  But I love them.  They have the tiniest tinge of pink and they open so beautifully to reveal their centers.  I feel a little bit like a traitor loving South American roses this much, but I’ll get over it.  They’re just so ruffly for being “standard” and were the perfect size for this crown.

Myrtle is a symbol of love and a Hebrew symbol for marriage.  It was significant to be Aphrodite and Demeter in Roman mythology.  It was very important to Airemiss that it be included in her flower arrangements and I couldn’t think of a better place to include the green than around her head.

Just a couple springs of agonis were added in to add a little extra color and depth.  It’s actually a type of willow myrtle, so I felt like it was a very appropriate compliment to the crown.

The final ingredient was fresh lavender.  I love including lavender whenever possible.  At our old house, I planted some lavender in my tiny garden and it produced blooms all summer long, I wish I still had this plant.  The lavender for their wedding came from my garden.  It’s fragrant, earthy and sweet, adding just a touch of color in a very subtle way.

If you’d like to see the entire wedding day again, you can see it here.  Have a great weekend!

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