Jun 3

Footprints in the Sand

Sunday I awoke to a nip in the morning air.  It had the crisp, clean and fragrant smell of summer with the chilling temperatures of fall.  It almost felt as though autumn was closing in upon us or perhaps I had traveled north to the place where my dreams often take me.  It felt like a Northern Michigan morning.

That same morning, our pastor talked about waiting.  I feel like I’m caught waiting a lot.  Waiting can be good.  Perhaps we shouldn’t but in such a hurry, life doesn’t have to happen instantaneously. It’s interesting to think though what might happen if we never stopped waiting and just sit in our comfort, dragging our feet. And as my mind always tends to wander, I was thinking, if Jesus is always by our side, then he’s waiting right there with to us.  Like footprints in the sand next to us, carrying us, guiding us.

While these two occurrences from Sunday aren’t exactly connected, I couldn’t help but think of this image, it just seemed to sum up the day.  I was thinking about chilly and cold feet.  I was thinking of the misty shores of Lake Michigan and the damp sand.  I was thinking of being lonely and yet having love by my side.  I was thinking about how many thoughts and words can come to mind with no way to express themselves besides in one visual image.  I don’t have the perfect poetic tidings or ideas to sum up this post, but it’s perplexing the emotions, sentiments and a wealth of thoughts that can be conjured up from just one picture.

Beach Wedding | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

This beautiful image was part of a seaside inspirations shoot Ashley Slater Photography and I put together last month.  So many more moving photos to be shared soon!



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