Apr 21

Feeding Creativity

Feeding Creativity | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

Photo: Hetler Photography

I was up at 3:30 this morning feeding Willa June. I don’t usually have many profound thoughts in this half sleeping, middle of the night state of mind. However, last night I began thinking about food. My life has been surrounded by it lately. In the eight hours while my husband escapes to work, I feed Willa June approximately 4 times. On top of that, Gretta gets breakfast, lunch and a snack. Basically this means that I’ve prepared 7 meals before the 5:00 rolls around and I haven’t even eaten yet. But I am surrounded by food.

I was thinking how this relates to my work. Right now I’m in the preparation stages. I have passed along so many floral and design proposals, brainstormed ideas and am so excited for all of this summer’s weddings to take place. I am surrounded by ideas and inspiration. I’m really really busy working with brides who are hungry for ideas. However, all of these ideas are on paper still. They’re just in the prepartion stages and have not been brought to life. I haven’t fed my creative side, I’m just planned a menu.

Without this extra fuel, our minds and imaginations become stagnant. Our creative juices cannot flow and our tank is running on empty. Its something that people outside of this industry just can’t seem to understand – why do you waste your money on workshops or photoshoots? You’ve got a dynamite portfolio and people know what you can do. Your talent speaks for itself. The answer is, sometimes I need to take time out for myself. Sometimes, I need to eat.


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