May 12

Featured :: Jarvie & Hank’s Tuscan Sun Wedding on The White Wren

Jarvie is a city girl with heartstrings tied to Northern Michigan. Hank’s heart is linked straight to Jarvie. His passion for her is evident in the small smile creeps across his lips while she speaks, the stolen glances he casts her way while she’s not looking and the strong silence that stood beside her as we eagerly planned the magic of their wedding day.

Jarvie once told me that she wanted her wedding to be just like the one at the end of “Under the Tuscan Sun.” After watching that movie, I realized I never once noticed the bride’s bouquet, what the centerpieces looked like or the color of the table linens. It was all about the mood, the hospitality, family and closeness that was portrayed. There was so much laughter and joy, it was the conclusion of a fabulous journey with even better things to come. This is also how I would describe Jarvie and Hank’s wedding day. A picturesque setting with thoughtful details and celebration in the air as all the guests around them knew that this was just the beginning of their amazing life ahead.

Jarvie & Hank's Tuscan Sun Wedding | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography | Wedding Planning, Design & Florals: The Day’s Design | Venue: Aurora Cellars | Invitations, Calligraphy & Signage: Graceline  | Catering: Catering by Kelly’s | Hair & Makeup: Onsite Bridal | Videography: Coastline Studios | Bride’s Dress: Sarah Seven  | Cake & Desserts: Simply Sweet by Jessica | Film Lab: The Find Lab 

Although I’ve previously shared this beautiful celebration on my blog, it’s absolutely worth seeing it again and today it’s featured on The White Wren.

Happy Friday!


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