Feb 26

Fashion for the Fellas

Let’s face it ladies, when it comes to the groom sometimes his attire gets a tad overlooked.  We spend hours, days or even weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress and gowns for our maids.  But when it comes to the gentlemen’s apparel we tend to just throw him in a black tux or grey suit, not putting too much into the process and selection.  Maybe we’ll pick out a pretty colored tie.

Me?  I’m guilty as charged.

Stylish Grooms | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

Photo by Hetler Photography

In fact, I seldom even pay attention to men’s fashion at all.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know a stylish stud when I see one, but when it comes to actually creating that look, sometimes I can be at a loss.   So here we go, some tips on dressing him dapper.

1.  Consider the overall wedding style

Is the affair classic and formal?  Outdoorsy and rustic?  Cozy or fun?  Just like the bride’s dress, the grooms suit (or lack thereof) will help set the tone.  Guests will see him before the bride, so the tone he sets with his attire can set the mood with the guest’s arrival.

2.  Don’t underestimate the power of accessories

Guess what?  Men need to be accessorized too!  Even if he’s wearing a classic black suit or tux, subtle touches can take the look from drab to fab.  Think bow-tie verse skinny tie, pocket square or boutonnières, even the shoes chosen can make a HUGE impact.

Men’s fashion doesn’t change nearly as much as women’s, however, the way we accessorize it certainly does.  Black buttons on the dress shirt make it more formal, as do French cuffs with cufflinks.  Seersucker or plaid bowties will give a more playful vibe.  And a patterned shirt can change the entire look of the outfit.

3.  He doesn’t have to wear a suit {or tux}

That’s right!  If you’re having a backyard or relaxed celebration, a beach wedding or getting married in the heat of August you might want to consider more relaxed apparel too.  Think seersucker suits, linen pants with button-down shirts or suspenders and ties.  Winter grooms could opt for sweater vests or cable-knit cardigans.

4.  The Groomsmen don’t have to dress the same

Just like mismatched bridesmaids, groomsmen could be allowed to choose an outfit in a particular color pallet.  They also don’t have to match the groom, but rather choose attire that will compliment his look.

Take cues from the fashion world and don’t be afraid to style your men accordingly.  The days of formal tuxedo rentals are starting to fade as more and more brides are choosing suits the groomsmen can keep.

Stylish Groomsmen | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}

Photo by Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}

And a couple of bonus thoughts: purchasing suits/attire means no one is responsible for returning them the next day AND if your groomsmen get a little wild (i.e. decide to tear off their sleeves), no worries it was theirs to keep!



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