Dec 3

FAQ :: Do You Have a Website?

It seems like everyone and their brother knows something about wedding planning these days.  There’s a list of people a mile long claiming to coordinate weddings and have similar such hobbies.  But for some people, it’s just that – a hobby.

There’s nothing wrong with this hobby.  In fact, planning and decorating is something many people enjoy and many people are good at.  However, it’s not something that all people can make a living doing.  And it’s often because of these “hobbyist” that I’m not taken seriously as a professional.

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Photography: Hetler Photography

What I would love for you to understand is the level of skill and business savvy it takes beyond being able to make a pretty centerpiece and find coordinating linens.

It takes ownership and pride.  You have to lay claim to your work and own up to how you make a living.  There was once a point where I would kind of mumble something about coordinating a few weddings when someone asked what I did.  Now I scream it loud and proud.  This is who I am, this is what I do.

It involves being business minded.  I hate having to sell myself and my services.  But unfortunately people don’t usually book you without any prior knowledge or at least being made aware how you can help them and why the need you.

It takes a commitment to staying in business, even when times are tough.  It’s not all ruffles and roses over here.  Some months are slow, but I still have to pay for my website, advertising and general business needs.  I must be willing to take it all in stride and push forward.  I can’t simply give up but rather push myself to be a little better every day.

So commonly I’m asked if I have a website.  I think this is a significant sign of seriousness.  Facebook pages are awesome because they’re free and they can be easily updated, but they lack a certain level of commitment.  People look at you differently when you can hand them a business card and web address.  And once they see my website, I’m knocked out of the hobbyist category for good.  So making it a good website really counts.



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