Mar 13

Everyone is “So Excited!”

Bouquet Toss | The Day's Design | Heather Cisler Photography

Photo by Heather Cisler Photography

Do you ever feel like everyone is just bursting with excitement and you just can’t seem to keep up with all of it?  Is everything really “so exciting”?  I follow a lot of people in the wedding industry across social media and on any given day there’s always someone who’s trying to build excitement and suspense about some big project that they can’t tell you about yet or something new coming soon, etc, etc.

Why is this?  It starting to annoy me… even though I’m completely guilty of this myself.

While usually I love to see others succeed and it definitely feels good to be surrounded by celebration and good news – there are definitely days I just want to scream “I don’t care!”

Here’s the truth.  Our businesses are like our babies.  We pour our hearts and souls into them.  You posted your baby’s first smiles, first steps, first time eating solid foods (or if you’re not there yet – trust me, you will… even if you claim you never want to be one of “those parents”).  As a mama and a business owner, I can tell you there are so many similarities its a little ridiculous.  So we post and brag about all of our new accomplishments and milestones.  It’s big news to us, even if the outside world might just see it as “another blog post” or “another styled shoot” or “a new service offered”.

So next time someone tries to post some super exciting news do your best to be their cheerleader and not roll your eyes.  We can do this together… go team!



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