Mar 18

Discouraged by Pinterest

I consider myself a creative individual.  I like coming up with original ideas.  However, I am beginning to feel like there are no truly innovative ideas left.  In this world of technology, where everyone shares everything via the internet (whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or whatever), so many ideas are swapped that life has become overwhelming.  Our imaginations are forced to be stretched beyond limits; it can bring a person to tears.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than coming up with a really cool idea, doing a little research to make it happen, only to find out that sixteen other people already have done it, blogged about it, and now it’s all over Pinterest.  It just doesn’t seem fair!  That was MY idea and now it looks like I copied them.  I get so discouraged by Pinterest!

Perhaps I’m a little overly sensitive on the issue, because I do not like to copy people.  While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeking inspiration from others, I strive to be one of a kind.


Photo by Shannon Scott Photography {Smug Shots}

I got married way back in the day before Pinterest.  Believe it or not, I survived.  I found a ton of inspiration; I did Google searches and found some cool blogs, and did a lot of poking around The Knot.  Even so, I had such a hard time trying to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do with my wedding.  I chose simple projects, such as hanging these place cards on an old window screen, an idea that I did not find online, but I am sure someone else has done it, and they have probably even done it better.

But because there are so many more resources readily available today, my mind goes on overload.  Everyone and their brother seem to be posting things about how to do weddings right and what’s wrong with the wedding industry and DIY projects.  When doing a simple search for place card displays for a wedding, hundreds of ideas pop up.  Fifty of those ideas would go perfect with your theme and you love them all.  How do you narrow it down?  You want your wedding to be creative, right?

My best advice is to be true to yourself.  While there is nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from others, customize the details.  Make things fit your style and reflect your special day.  If you’re purchasing props, choose objects that are your style and will fit into your home later to add a little extra meaning.  Do not spend hours upon hours researching one tiny detail of your wedding (such as place cards, table numbers or flower girl dresses).  Pick a couple ideas that you like and go from there.  Do not exhaust yourself with details that won’t matter ten years from now.  There is no need for extra stress on your wedding day.

Sometimes I suggest ideas to people and they think it’s the most creative thing they have ever heard, and I look at them in pure astonishment as I have seen this idea done so many times I cannot keep track.  Other times, I share something out of my own imagination and they’ve already thought of it.  So I will leave you with this promise.  I will do my best to share my ideas with you, and try to keep them original.  But I might end up posting something that you’ve already read somewhere else.  You may like my ideas or you may not, either way I am keeping true to myself and trying to inspire your day.


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