Sep 12

Cover Those {Table} Legs!!

Can we just talk about linens for a moment?  I just received three new gorgeous and sparkly new swatches in the mail and I could not be more excited.  I have stacks of sample books on my dining room table and sometimes I wander through JoAnn Fabrics just to find new and pretty patterns – most of which, sadly, I will never use.  But somehow just knowing they exist puts me more at ease.

So why do I like linens and fabric so much?  I believe the perfect linen can make or break an event.  I know it sounds silly, but people really underestimate the impact they have in a space.  It breaks my heart a little each time I hear a couple say they’re just using the venue’s or caterer’s standard (short), square tablecloths on the round tables.  Does a square linen on a round table even make sense?  And what about those NAKED table legs???  If it’s a budget issue, then I can completely understand, I don’t want people to spend money they don’t have.  And let’s face it, free square linens are better than NO linens.  However, when it’s not a budget issue, that’s when I have to hold back the dramatic gasp and keep myself from crying out “WHY??”

There’s a reason we all go gaga over inspiration galleries full of linens dripping with sequins or bursting with bold modern patterns, it’s because they make such a huge statement.  This is yet another place to show off your fabulous style.  Just like your luscious blooms you so painstakingly selected, they add more texture and design to the space.

Pink linen designs

These are some of the lines I would love to incorporate into your event some day!!

Just something to think about on the lovely Thursday morning!  Enjoy your day 😉



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