Apr 2

An Easter Tabletop

Last week I shared how stressed I was about the upcoming Easter holiday.  Quick looks on Pinterest and Google results lead me nowhere.  I found a few pretty pictures, but nothing was really what I was searching for.  I was leaving on Thursday for my parent’s house, on Sunday I would be decorating for their Easter breakfast a Riverdale Baptist Church.  As of Wednesday, I still did not have a plan in place.  Finally, I was struck with inspiration laying in bed late Wednesday night, a “light bulb” finally went off!

But before I share the results of my epiphany, I would like to share the beautiful tabletop that welcomed me at my parent’s home.  My mother has a great eye for decor, so my talents come naturally as I have been surrounded by pretty things for most of my life.  She has also been my right hand at several events and helps with a little inspiration here and there.

Easter Centerpiece

Easter tabletop

Easter place setting

I am so ready for spring! To me, Easter always marks the unofficial start of spring, and it’s April already!   I want to see bulbs popping up in my garden and daffodils lining my fence.  Somehow, waking up this morning to a dusting of snow is not what I had in mind… have patience.  And I might just as well keep looking at pictures of pretty spring decor!



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