May 28

A Pair of Rings

Kait & Jordan's Grand Rapids Wedding | The Day's Design | Chelsea Seekell Photography

As I was scrolling through my social media feeds this morning I came across a picture of a bride.  Not really a noteworthy occurrence.  However, there was something about the picture that struck me.  It was a fairly normal shot with the bride’s arms draped around her new husband’s neck in a romantic embrace, it also happened to show off her new jewelry.  I almost just scrolled on past.  But then I stopped.

Her wedding band wasn’t attached to her engagement ring.  It was new, probably the first time she’d ever worn it.  They weren’t soldered together or attached.  They were just 2 pieces that perfectly complimented each other, sharing a space but keeping their own identity.

“Your engagement ring and wedding band should complement one another without feeling too matchy matchy.”  Thanks

Sometimes I think after marriage we tend to loose ourselves a bit.  Lives get busy, we combine our schedules, our furniture and our worlds.  Before we know it, we completely forget who we were before we met “the one”. We become a set, fused together and seldom seen apart.   I encourage this, man and wife should be as one.  But we also need our alone time to shine.  We should remember that each ring individually is lovely and unique even if the designer’s true intent is to create a set.


I couldn’t find the picture again after I wrote this post about it, so we’ll have to sett for this lovely shot by Chelsea Seekell from last summer instead.


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