May 3

A Creative Voice

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Photography: Weber Photography | Cake: The Cakabakery | Floral Design: The Day’s Design

Last week kicked off the start of my wedding season.  I haven’t unpacked all my boxes yet from the move, my studio space isn’t anywhere near being set up and it was my biggest wedding of the entire year.  I had knots in my stomach for days.

So last Tuesday morning, instead of trying to organize a little more or prepping my flower buckets for the impending blooms, I decided to color some terra cotta pots with chalk.  They just looked too fresh to house my little cactus friends and they needed a little “distressing”, if you will.

I was rather enjoying myself when suddenly I realized how ridiculous this was – I had a to-do list 3 miles long and I was coloring pots.  Pots that 90% of the wedding guests probably wouldn’t see and who knows if I would receive any appreciation at all for my efforts.

I started thinking about all the silly little details that I have stressed about throughout the seasons – I’ve added gold leafing to planters, spray painted animals the perfect shade of rose gold, I’ve visiting slews of nurseys and greenhouses in hunt for the perfect connector flowers. I’ve shopped high and low for white ceramic pots, silky ribbons and copper charger plates.  I’ve painted, built, crafted, diy-ed, hunted, gathered and blown my floral budgets to bits all because “good enough” is never enough for me.  I’m constantly seeking my version of perfection and knowing that I can do more.

Often you’ll find me straddling the line between madness and brilliance, trying to find my creative voice in this industry.  I would like to announce that I think have finally found it.  I finally know what it is I want to create.  I have found my style, my niche and my flair in what seems to be an oversaturated market.  It’s taken years to get here and it wasn’t easy.  But it’s this line that I’m willing to cross that makes me unique and the realization that I might not do things the way others do or even in a way that would be considered “correct”.  But it works for me.  I’m willing to cry tears of exhaustion to put a smile on a bride’s face.  And I will shop my heart out.

Why should you hire an event designer verses just a florist?  For all those reasons above.  It goes beyond centerpieces, beyond garden roses and bouquets.  It’s not about wholesale South American roses verses local wildflowers.  It’s about you.  It’s about using my create vision to capture the essence of you as a couple, as a client, as a bride.  From signage, to invitations, to linen selections, table runners, seating options, room layouts, mariachi bands, favors, lighting, flowers and knowing when to add an extra sprig of greenery to your cake, I’m here every step making sure this celebration is a reflection of this remarkable couple in front of me on their wedding day.

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