Dec 12

5 Holiday Outfit Inspirations

Tonight I am headed to my one and only holiday party of 2016.  It’s the singular chance I’ll have this holiday season to get dressed up. I feel like I need to make my outfit selection amazing because after this, I’ll be back to my standard black leggings and winter boots until April rolls around.

Every year I dream of getting all dolled up for a glitzy and classic holiday cocktail party.  I dream of sequin and rhinestones, sparkling champagne and festive martinis. Rarely have I recieved an invite to any such party, but just the same I was thinking about what the more stylish “me” would wear and it made me reminice back to outfits I saw throughout the wedding season, and even years past. I’ve worked with a lot of extremely stylish couples who also have extremely stylish guests.  And a lot of these fashions would double really well as holiday party attire.  So I’m sharing just a few of my favorite go to pieces from the years gone by.  Clothing that I am extremely jealous is not part of my wardrobe.

Tulle Skirts

Black Tulle SKirt | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

 from Nancy & Andrew’s Engagment photos with Ashley Slater Photography, see more here

These classic skirts have been on point for several years now and I still love them.  They come in nearly every shade in the rainbow and can be paired with anything from denim or flannel shirts to crop tops and lace numbers.


Sequin Dress | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

from a winter glamour shoot with Hetler Photography, see more here

Nothing says holiday to me more than something sparkly.  And sequin dresses will forever and always be my go-to option.

The Little Black Dress

Little Black Party Dress | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

from Jarvie & Hank’s Lake Leelanau wedding (coming to the blog soon) with Ashley Slater Photography

We all have that classic little number that puts on in the mood to party. Nothing screams classic elegance and hugs our curves just right like your little black dress.    I have several because black, never goes out of fashion.


Black Jumpsuit | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

from the archives of 2013, Sex & the City Wedding Inspiration with Hetler Photography

We live in Michigan and baby, it’s cold outside.  Sometimes pants really are the best option.  I love jumpsuits for the simple fact that they are totally moveable and practical but don’t make me sacrafice style.


Tulle Hat | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

another one from the 2013 archives, Hats Off to the New Year with Hetler Photography 

I love hats and other hair accessories.  And remember that quick blip of time when I actually made them and opened an Etsy shop?  I might not be pushing that side of my business any longer, but I still think adding an accessory to the top of one’s head is an excellent idea.

Do you have other favorite holidays outfit ideas?  I’d love to hear and I’m still a bit undecided about what I’ll be wearing tonight.

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PS – itsn’t it crazy to look back and see how far your work has come?  These 2013 throwbacks – sheesh!!  I’ve learned so much and am so grateful to be moving forward in the name of experience and progress.  Although I do still love working with Kellie of Hetler Photography 🙂


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